Air Atomizing Nozzle

Size: 1/8″ ,1/4″ ,1/2″

Material: 304.316 Stainless steel

Applicable industry:

Electronic, chemical, environmental protection, steel, machinery, coating, electroplating, textile, automobile, paper, food, and other industrial production fields.


Air atomizing nozzle is a device that generates mist by airflow and liquid flow. The special internal structure design of this device can make the gas and liquid evenly mixed and produce fine droplet spray or coarse droplet spray. Generally, by increasing the gas pressure or decreasing the liquid pressure, a finer droplet spray can be obtained, resulting in a higher gas flow rate and liquid flow rate ratio.

Spray pattern:

  • Pressure internal mix flat fan
  • Syphon flat fan
  • Syphon full cone
  • Pressure wide-angle full cone
  • Pressure external mix flat fan

Working method:

  • Pressure
  • Syphon


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